Research suggests that mentors are 6x more likely to be promoted, and mentees are 5x more likely to be so. The EDIT Mentoring Exchange considers your experiences and preferences, such as total years of experience and current function, and uses algorithms to create an ideal mentoring match.



Your mentoring experience can be

  • International
  • Face-to-face or virtual
  • With someone within the same or different industry and function as you
  • With someone with similar or different years of experience to your own


Step 1

You are nominated to join the programme by your organisation


Your current experiences, skills and preferences are calculated and matched.


To find you a mentor / mentee

Benefits of mentoring

Cross-business mentoring extends the pool of mentors and mentees available, enabling greater knowledge sharing, collaboration, and the opportunity to work with difference. The EDIT Mentoring Exchange provides further opportunity to confidentially support and be supported on a range of topics, to be challenged and challenge others on their thinking and approach, and to pay forward personal learnings over the years whilst learning from others.

  • Networking is one of the best elements of this process –

    Jenni Uotila
    I&D Talent Specialist, National Grid
  • I have used the toolkit for our first meeting and it was a useful guide to ensure we covered the right aspects to set the tone for our relationship

    Customer Insights Manager

For mentees:

Individuals can confidentially discuss specific career challenges and barriers and learn how to develop and fulfil potential. The programme allows mentees to reflect on what is important to them personally and foster personal and professional development, as well as exchanging knowledge and experiences, extending networks, and getting to know other organisational cultures and structures.  

For mentors:

Cross-business mentoring allows mentors to work with difference and achieve new knowledge and experiences in different organisations, sectors and cultures. Mentors can expect to gain additional professional knowledge and networking opportunities from their mentees, gaining insight into ambitions, talents and perceptions of others to widen their frame of reference.

For participating organisations:

The EDIT Mentoring Exchange helps organisations move towards achieving their wider goals at a reasonable cost through supporting their people to stretch and learn. From developing high potentials, returners or those in career transition to boosting cultural understanding, enhancing leadership skills and increasing market awareness, organisation can expect to see a rise in employee engagement and subsequent performance.

Beyond the matching process

Virtual learning access

Virtual learning access

Beyond finding a mentor or mentee and beginning a mentoring relationship, participants will also have access to virtual materials for continuous learning, including monthly webinars on a range of topics, from Personal resilience and Managing conflict to Managing your digital brand and reputation and Building sponsorship.

Connectivity events

Connectivity events

Participants will have the chance to meet up with their matches at organised connectivity events to build chemistry and determine if the relationship is the right fit. We also host additional networking events throughout the calendar year which participants will have access to in order to further expand their networks and connections.